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One of the benefits of living in Connecticut is that in a small town called Monroe, about 10 minutes away from me lies the Victorinox  Headquarters and Warehouse. Yes, the Victorinox famous for the Swiss Army family of products.  While on a drive to my local chicken feed store, I stopped and popped in for a long overdue visit.

I learned that EVERY Victorinox product that sells in the U.S. comes through this warehouse.  It is the U.S. headquarters and all products to be sold comes from Switzerland through this warehouse and sent to their final U.S. retail destination. Although everyone knows the Swiss Army knife, Victorinox also sells other products such as cutlery, watches, travel gear and luggage, apparel and even fragrances.  You can check out what they sell by clicking this link.


Postcard announcing the secret Victorinox Warehouse Sale – sorry I stuck it in my pocket and it got all crumpled.

As I was browsing for a new moneyclip-cum-pocketknife, I spied the below postcard.  It is for Victorinox’ annual secret Warehouse Sale. It runs three days Friday November 11 – Sunday November 13, 2016.  I call it secret, because Victorinox does not advertise this sale.  As far as I know it is the only way to get discounted items on authentic Victorinox products.

I asked the women handling the counter what kinds of discounts there were.  She indicated to me that Victorinox uses this sale to clear their warehouse.  Some of the items will be discontinued, but most of the items are current and can be up to 25%-50% off.  Basically, buyers at this sale would be getting the products at cost.  She also indicated to me that on the days of the warehouse sales, folks came from around the country and the lines can be 4-5 hours long.

As a benefit for reading and subscribing to my blog, I have decided that if I’m going anyway to the warehouse sale, that I might as well buy as much stuff as I can, and also order for you.  These items make great Christmas gifts and there are appropriate for men, women and children.  Although it is bad luck in Chinese tradition to gift knives, I think my brother and father are getting Swiss Army knives for Christmas.

How to Score an Unbelievable Deal on Victorinox Items

Here’s the deal:  Go to this link and search for products you want.  Please note that the website is not the complete listing of products that they sell.  Each category has a catalog that you should brose through.  The catalog does not have prices listed in them, but a google search of the product name and number should get you a few retailers listing prices.  Then go to this form to let me know the product name, and item number and price you want to pay.  At the sale I will go and look for it and if it is under your maximum price, I will pre-buy it for you.  If it is above your max price, I will email you and let you know how much it costs.  If I am able to buy the product, I will sell it to you at the same price.  This is a free service and I will not be making any money on these transactions.  I will also search for the cheapest shipping to you.  Accordingly, I expect to be reimbursed via PayPal, cash, check or credit card before I send it to you.

So I can manage my shopping list, I will close the form two days before the sale.  This means that you have to fill out the form by Wednesday November 9, 2016.


Dates of the additional 15% off. The workers at the store told me that this sale is on top of the warehouse sale discount, but that in the past there are few items left to buy.

On the back of the postcard was this note.  On the discounted price of the item, there will be another 15% off.  I think that the pickings will be pretty slim at this time, but if you would prefer to wait to see if we can score the item at the cheapest price possible, then let me know on the form.

So go ahead and load up on all things Victorinox for Christmas gifts.  When I think of Victorinox, I think of Quality. Functionality. Innovation. Iconic Design.  I am about all of these adjectives. And so should you.


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    You can ask for a penny in return for your gift. This way you are ‘selling’ it. That will counter the bad luck effect. I’ve seen elders do it.
    I’ll be sending you my shopping list! Thanks!!

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