Seven Tips To Ease Your Next Move

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I could drone on and on about how much I hate moving.  Is there anyone that likes moving? Moving to a new place can be exciting, but the actual process of moving is so painful and labor intensive.  I pride myself on delegation, and I find it very hard to delegate moving of your personal belongings.  

I went to boarding school from a young age,  and am accustomed to moving out of my room/apartment each year at the end of the year.   As I got older, I stayed longer and longer in each apartment, accumulating more crapola making each successive move harder and harder.   I bought our NYC loft almost 20 years ago, which made this a move filled with a lot of stuff.   I had read Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up your apartment and your life and began to apply her principals.   Even still,  this move was a bear.

Prior to this move, my last move was out of a Kafkaesque apartment.  It was called an “efficiency” (read: tiny) because it was maybe 350 square feet.  I had my bed on a raised loft and my desk and sofa under it.  My ironing board converted into a dining room table that seated a dozen people that ran from the bedroom to the living room. The move from this tiny apartment was amazing to everyone because of the stuff that we were pulling out of every nook and cranny.  At that time, I promised myself that I was never going to move myself again –  that the next time I would hire moving professionals.

As it turns out, I did not make good on my promise.   Although I had many friends offer to help me move, I declined their help.  My thought was that it was a good friend that would offer to help, but to be an equally good friend, I must refuse their assistance.   Moving is a no win situation.  It is a ton of work, stressful,  labor intensive, and no way to repay their generosity.

Fortunately,  my wifey’s friends, A and R came to help us the night before our move.   They stayed up all night helping to pack our crap into boxes and even stayed the night so that they could continue helping us pack up our stuff. We also hired two workers to help us with the heavy lifting.  We could not have moved without the assistance of A and R and I have told A that in her next move, I will be her moving slave to be used for as long as she needs or wants me.


Post move photo of our new garage.

A full 40′ container and a few drives later, we are now in our house,  although the basement and garage is full of our stuff and boxes.  I suspect that we will be living out of boxes for the next few months.

Seven tips for your next big move:

  1. Move like you are downsizing.   Moving to a larger space will be much easier than moving to a smaller space.   In either event, it is far easier getting rid of your stuff than moving it.
  2. Start one month in advance and sell your stuff on eBay and craigslist.   eBay for the small stuff and Craigslist for the big stuff like appliances and furniture.  I used new apps to try to sell some of my stuff like Wallapop and they really did not work that well.  A lot of interest, no takers.
  3. Err on the side of overselling/over-donating/over-throwing away your stuff.   If you really  need it, you can buy it again.
  4. Hire movers. At a minimum, hire day laborers who will be happy for a C-note to do your heavy lifting.
  5. Pack everything into a box and consider selling everything that does not fit in one. Boxes stack and are much easier to fill a truck with boxes than odd shaped items.
  6. Label every box.  I carried a big Sharpie marker wherever I went during the move.  Even jotting one of the items in the box will help you remember what is in that box.
  7. Don’t forget to change your address for your mail, your banks, credit cards, and online accounts such as PayPal and eBay.

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